Hammond XB3m with LEslie

This Xb3m is like new, comes with powerful Leslie. You can have 3 midi sounds per keyboard running at a time, 

Some of the features are:

Extra Voice: 
The XB-3M contains an complete General MIDI-compatible voice library consisting of over 270 high-quality digitally sampled sounds such as Stereo Grand Piano, Stereo Strings and even a new breathy Stereo Saxophone. Ten drum kits are also provided to further enhance your playing. And, you can use the Drawbars to adjust the volume of the Extra Voices during performance.

An octave of reverse-color Preset Keys is available for each manual, as well as two Pedal presets. These can be easily programmed with your own settings.

Whether you play in one key or all of them, you'll find it easy to change from one key to another with just a touch of a button.

Disk Drive: 
Using this feature, you can record and store your own Preset Banks or complete performances as well as play back Standard MIDI File data.

Shortcut Touch Tabs: 
Find Advanced Features quickly and easily.

The XB-3M can perform in virtually any MIDI environment. SEND and RECEIVE channels are programmable. LOCAL keyboard control can be turned ON or OFF. And the manuals can be "mapped" to selectively play the internal voices or voices from a connected MIDI device. MIDI velocity information and after-touch can be transmitted, along with Pitch and Modulation controls. The MEMORY DUMP allows Preset data to be stored to a MIDI Data recorder.

Leslie® Ready:
Any 11-pin Leslie Speaker cabinet can be plugged directly into the XB-3M, including multi-channel Leslies. The rotors can be operated in three modes – Off, Slow or Fast.