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    We are proud to announce we are now dealers for Neo Ventilator


    This product is acclaimed as being the best Leslie simulator ever!

Call to buy now    1-704-798-0299  email: This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it

Call and discuss your needs. We can put a package together for use with your keyboard, Hammond with Leslie add NV, outputs to your sound system. Sounds better than any miked Leslie ever did.

If you have ever heard the sound of a real Leslie speaker, like a 122, 147, or other model, you are gonna love this. Neo has invented this great tool for musicians. Whether it be guitar, keyboards, or a Hammond organ, this device does a great job reproducing rotary speaker cabinet sound. Check out the demos.



Dial in the amount of distortion you want with the tube over drive control

Set the distance you want your virtual mics to be from the rotary cabinet.

Set your acceleration/deceleration speed. It's all here.

We now have an underkeyboard drawer accessory

Neo Instruments


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