New Product Organ Bench Backrest

Designed to support the back and provide a seat cushion. 

Velcro straps keep it securly attached to the bench to allow access to bench storage area with out the back rest falling off.

Easily removed and light weight. You won’t want to play without this going along!

Free Shipping inside continental U.S. 

$199.99  TEXT me for instructions on how to purchase  704.798.0299

Add Synth Sounds to a Vintage B3, C3 type organ

This new addition to our line of products adds strings, choir low/high, Flute ( vintage tape melltron ) brass, orchestra ( big sound) , sax, 9 variatiions in all. Instantly change back to the Hammond sound at the push of a button. We suggest installing on upper or lower manual. Continuous control of organ volume and synth volume at your finger tips for the perfect mix. This has never been available on a vintage Hammond to our knowledge, Be the first in your location to have this feature added to your B3, C3, B2, C2, A100 series type organ.

Can be installed in our area or shipped as do it yourself kit.


Now listen to Mr. McQueen display his stylings using this powerfull accesory.

hamm syth dash cropped

Tone Control Unit


Tone Booster helps adjust the sound for your church acoustics

Helps give the musician precise control of the sound

Makes older models sound more like the B3

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Tone Wheel Organ Transposer & Pitch Stabilizer System for A,B,C,H,E,L,M and most any other tone wheel organ

Transpose your music down 3 half steps or up 4 half steps.

New design, also allows tuning in one cent increments, stabilizes pitch when un-stabill line voltage is encountered. Organ is always dead on pitch.    Simple installation. Soldering skills required.                                                 

transposer 3transposer 4

Will not damage tone generator.

Works on Hammond models B3, C3, A100, CV, BV, RT, RT2, RT3, B2, C2, E, H, M, T

Stabilizes pitch when using older Hammonds with generators or fluctuating frequency power sources

New design, lower price, no more pop or background noise

Please note: On any B console the transposer control will need to be located on the upper left cheek block to allow the lid to close.

Always in stock and ready to ship free.
Call for more info  704.798.0299

Drawer is optional accessory




Keyboard Shelf

Add A Keyboard or Synth On Top of Hammond Organ  $300.00 & free shipping

Use the portable and easy to use keyboard shelf to enhance any  A105, B or C series Hammond Organ.  A100 is special order.

The shelf can be pulled forward for easy reach, pushed back away from the player and can detach with no damage to the organ.

Enhance your player with this sturdy shelf. This accessory is a must have for any organist that is on the go!




Leslie Treble Driver

Leslie Treble Driver, 16 ohm, requires screw in mounting. 

Adapter Available

Selected for tone and power handling. The preferred replacement for the original V21