The inventor of the Artisan system

Yesterday we had the pleasure of meeting the inventor of the Artisan organ transformation system, Mark Anderson. If you are not familar with this, let me explain. This a system that is adaptable to any electronic or pipe organ. It useds a variety of different electronics depending on whether the organ we are working on has lighted pistons, moving stops, or non moving stops. We have completed about 10 of these organs now. If you have an aging electronic organ or one that was built by a compnay that is out of business (Rodgers, Old viscounbt, Baldwin, Wurlitzer) you might want to consider this. If your organ was damaged by lightning this is a very cost effective solution ( about 20% of the cost of a new organ).

This is also a very nice way to bring an aging pipe organ back to life at a fraction of the cost of pipe organ restoration in the traditional way.

check out the youtube link on my home page 

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Loss of tones on keyboards and pedals B3, C3, all older tone wheel models

You may be experiencing loss of tones on your keyboards or pedals. There are 9 contacts under each key including the presets. Thats 720 per keyboard,. If you lose connection on a preset key, you will lose that one drawbar on every playing key. IF you lose contact under a playing key you lose one or more of the 9 available drawbar tones. The greater long term danger is that now the bussbars cannot be shifted as originally intended by Hammond because the problem could end up even worse. The proper way to repair this is to do a buss bar clean/lube job. Then shift the bussbars to a new spot. Call me for pricing and details. 704.798.0299. In most cases the results are 100%.

Is It Time for a NEW LESLIE AMP

We work on Leslies pretty much every day. Most of the time we are asked to patch them up enough to play because of lack of finances available for the repair. You can patch so much that now you don't have a sound that is even close to the original. PLease consider a rebuilt amp or a totally new amp. They sound great!

Hammond Leslie Parts

Bring Back the Leslie

AS many of you have noticed, the Leslie 122a and 147a are not the same as the original 122 and 147. Several things like a styro foam bass rotor, pulse modulated motor and driver board componets have replaced the the supper dependable older motor drive systems. Even the horn bearing lasts only a few years. Why, so they can be made cheaper of course.

I have been building my own Leslies for years now and here is the end product. It costs no more than a new Hammond Suzuki Leslie and is built to last. The old way! And it can be ordered in whatever finish you want and it can be built into the shorter 145,142 cabinet and it can have a heavier than normal bass speaker. Yo pump up that low end.

Organ doesn’t have enough Bass

This can result from a number of things. If the Leslie has a bad speaker that is a problem we see a lot. Placement in the room and room acoustics play a big part. You may want to try our tone booster see or our super sub bass system that employs an 18" sub and separate amp. see