Tone Wheel Organ Transposer & Pitch Stabilizer System

Tone Wheel Organ Transposer & Pitch Stabilizer System

Transpose your music down 6 half steps or up 6 half steps.

New design, also allows tuning in small increments, stabilizes pitch when genertors or unstabill line voltage is encountered. Organ is always dead on pitch. We recommend 1 to 3 half steps although the unit will do 6 half steps either sharp or flat on most organs. Some organs will not respond to the extreme pitch variations of +- 4 to 6 half steps. We have never had a problem with up to 3 + or – .

Close up of control unit                                          

new trasnsposer  transposer 2 

remove music desk, run flat cable                slip flat cable beside left cheek block. you may want a little double                                                                       stick tape or a drop of silicone glue to hold control head in place.                                                                         repalce music rack. Your done!

transposer 3transposer 4

Will not damage tone generator.
Works on Hammond models B3, C3, A100, CV, BV, RT, RT2, RT3, B2, C2

Stabilizes pitch when using older Hammonds with generators or fluctuating frequency power sources

New design, lower price, no more pop or background noise

Can also be used on M3, M-100 series.

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