Bad wiring will burn your church down or electrocute you

We see it all the time and we fix it. Bad wiring in Hammond organs. The wiring insulation is so old it can literally  fall off the wires. The wires in question may carry 120 volts from the wall outlet  ALL THE TIME EVEN WHEN THE ORGAN IS OFF.  The wires can short together and spark a fire or one side of the AC line may just come into contact with a metal part of the organ making it a shock hazard waiting to happen.

Ever been playing and touch a microphone with your lips!

We replace the bad wiring, add a three prong grounded plug and a fuse. If any stray voltages end up on the organ chassis they will be grounded so no harm can come to the musician and if the short is strong enough it will trip the breaker alerting us to the problem. 



Old wiring removed from Hammond C3                        What we replace with, grounded, fused, up to date wiring