The inventor of the Artisan system

Yesterday we had the pleasure of meeting the inventor of the Artisan organ transformation system, Mark Anderson. If you are not familar with this, let me explain. This a system that is adaptable to any electronic or pipe organ. It useds a variety of different electronics depending on whether the organ we are working on has lighted pistons, moving stops, or non moving stops. We have completed about 10 of these organs now. If you have an aging electronic organ or one that was built by a compnay that is out of business (Rodgers, Old viscounbt, Baldwin, Wurlitzer) you might want to consider this. If your organ was damaged by lightning this is a very cost effective solution ( about 20% of the cost of a new organ).

This is also a very nice way to bring an aging pipe organ back to life at a fraction of the cost of pipe organ restoration in the traditional way.

check out the youtube link on my home page 

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