Leslie 122a like new condition

Leslie 122a

This pre-owned Leslie 122a is in flawless condition. New motors, new tubes, everything checked out by our own technical staff.



Custom Leslies

Pick your style and finish, we will load it with reconditioned and new components for that "old school" purist. We can also offer higher power amplifiers and drivers (speakers).

We can even build you a custom 2 piece Leslie for portability

short portable leslie145

Leslie 147 ( custom)

This Leslie was built from scratch using old style motors and techniques from the 1960’s. All wood parts are 15 layer birch plywood. Amplification is 147 amp for the treble driver and our custom made 400 watt amplifier for the bass speaker. , crossover is an E.I.S. that was deisgned by the late Bob Sclichter for groups like Santana and Tower of Power’s Chester Thompson The sound will blow you away!

finished in a dark walnut stain.

call for pricing.

Leslie 22H

This is a classic 22H with a few perks.

We added a slow speed top motor

We beefed up the amp so it is comparable with  a 122